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  Electronic Evidence Retrieval - Computer Forensics - Data Recovery - Expert Witness Testimony

Electronic Evidence Retrieval, L.L.C.

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics Specialists
E-Discovery Consultants

Computer Forensics - Data Recovery - Expert Witness Testimony

It’s a fact! Computers, cell phones, PDAs, and today's multitude of other electronic devices and the information they contain, frequently play a major role in legal matters, and may contain pivotal evidence in a case. To make matters more complex, the new federal rules concerning discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that went into effect December 1, 2006, radically alter the manner in which most companies manage their electronic documentation and communications.

Electronic Evidence Retrieval is a full service electronic forensics firm, with offices across the country. We have the expertise and specialized containment tools necessary to make a forensically sound recovery of ESI, complete with the chain of custody safeguards recognized by the courts in such cases. We also offer consultations and seminars to assist attorneys and their clients in adhering to provisions of the new federal e-discovery rules.


Electronic Evidence Retrieval Expands its Computer Forensics Services
with Equivio's Near-Duplicate Detection and E-mail Thread Analysis

New Orleans, LA, April 30, 2008 – Electronic Evidence Retrieval, L.L.C. (EER), a leading computer forensics and e-discovery firm headquartered on the U.S. Gulf Coast, announced today that it will use Equivio’s technology for near-duplicates and e-mail threads to reduce the time and effort required to review evidence retrieved from electronic and OCR files. Click here for detailed information.


Our services include:

Computer Forensics

  • Recovery and analysis of data and evidence from computers and their drives, including “deleted” documents
  • Disclosure of sent, received, and “deleted” e-mail, and web “surfing” behaviors
  • Recovery and analysis of data from USB keys and Micro Drives
  • Recovery from “hacked” servers
  • Expert witness testimony

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E-Discovery & ESI Seminars

The new federal rules concerning discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) require the parties to identify potential ESI before the Rule 16 scheduling conferences. Your clients may also need to alter the way they store and retain information, as well as prepare statements regarding disclosure, preservation of ESI, form of production, and much more.

Our comprehensive seminars help you unravel the complexities of e-discovery and ESI.

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Cell Phone/PDA Forensics

  • Imaging of cell phones and investigation of their use
  • Investigation and imaging of PDA activity, iPods, Mp3 players, and other portable electronic devices
  • Recovery and analysis of data
  • Expert witness testimony

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Johnette Hassell, Ph.D. is president of Electronic Evidence Retrieval, L.L.C., headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. She served on the faculty of Tulane University's School of Engineering for 30 years and retired from that position in 2006. Dr. Hassell has more than 20 years experience as a national consultant and expert witness in areas ranging from software development to telecommunications to medical information systems. She also provides computer forensics training for CLE credit.

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